Sleep Deprivation Facts Everyone Should Know 

We all want and need quality sleep! However, a number of factors can interrupt quality sleeping, including insomnia and other health conditions.

Here are a few facts on why sleep deprivation is quite the concerning public health problem: 

Sleep standards matterQuality sleep should include three important facets: depth, duration, and continuity. If you don’t sleep enough, you’ll never reach the proper depth levels of sleep. Same goes for if you wake up a lot at night.

A single poor night of sleep is harmfulEven one night of bad sleep can impact your memory recall, reaction times, learning ability, and attention span the next day. 

Sleep needs vary person-to-personMost healthy adults require 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Some people need much more for daily peak performance. Listening to your own body is important.

Sleep disorders can indicate other issuesConditions like heart disease, heart failure, diabetes, obesity, and depression can create sleep issues.

Drowsy driving is like drunk drivingStudies and research show that a lack of sleep can impair your driving as much as or even more than being drunk. Drowsy driving kills about 1,500 people per year.

Sleep deficiency is a public health concernUnfortunately, fewer than half of adults in the U.S. get the recommended amount of sleep. 


Where do you stand with your sleep habits? If you would like some assistance in creating a better sleep routine – reach out to me. Small steps – one by one – will take you closer to your best health!