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Common Foam Rolling Mistakes

deonna.walker | February, 28, 2018

When I was introduced to foam rolling, it completely changed my life. It increased my mobility and helped my flexibility. But, at the beginning, I was doing a few things wrong, and I want to share them so you can benefit from my mistakes. People tend to make three main mistakes when they foam roll.   […]


Want to Know the Best and Worst Nuts for Your Body?

deonna.walker | February, 21, 2018

We all know that nuts have a lot of heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Believe it or not, there are some that are healthier for us than others.   God uses nature to show that good things can come in small packages, and nuts are no exception. But, we can get too much of […]


10 Easy Steps to Losing 10 Pounds

deonna.walker | February, 14, 2018

It’s time to drop the crazy fads and complicated diets! Losing weight should not compromise your health or take over your life. Losing weight is simpler than you think. The main thing is to stay committed to a healthier lifestyle. You need to take it slow. Your weight gain didn’t happen overnight, so it won’t […]


Signs That You’re Not Getting Enough B12

deonna.walker | February, 7, 2018

Did you know that you can eat a ton of veggies and still not get enough B12? Here are some risks and symptoms as well as some ways to treat deficiency.   The Vitamin for Energy: Believe it or not, B12 is a powerhouse. It helps to make DNA and red blood cells, and it […]


Things You Can Do for a Happier 2018

deonna.walker | January, 17, 2018

Many of us use the new year as an opportunity to hit the refresh button on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Many of us tend to forget that making positive changes at the start of the new year isn’t always about the numbers on the scale or hitting the gym. This year, why not make […]


What is HGH, and does lacking it affect your weight loss?

deonna.walker | January, 9, 2018

Many women struggle with a host of side effects because they have a low HGH level and don’t even know it. Some side effects include weight gain, less elasticity in the skin, gray hair, mood swings, sexual side effects, etc.     Sadly, many women aren’t aware that these issues are linked to low HGH, […]


Why should women lift weights?

deonna.walker | November, 14, 2017

Let’s face it, we all want to be fit, but to get fit, you need to lift weights. It’s time to learn about the benefits of strength training and get on a training plan. The myth that weightlifting makes you bulky or turns you into a she-hulk has been busted time and time again. Weightlifting […]


How common is magnesium deficiency, and could you have it?

deonna.walker | October, 11, 2017

You may not be as familiar with magnesium as you are with better-known minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc, but magnesium is incredibly important for many of the body’s functions. It plays a key role in your immune system, nerves, and muscles, and helps keep your heart and bones strong. In all, magnesium is […]


Things You Should Never Order When You Eat Out

deonna.walker | September, 5, 2017

From sneaky sodium traps to dicey dishes that put you at risk for food poisoning, these are the menu item you’re better off skipping.   You know to pass on the deep-fried food and the dessert the size of your head, but what about the green smoothie or the yogurt parfait? Restaurants have a way […]


How to beat that sugar addiction.

deonna.walker | July, 26, 2017

Do you have a sugar addiction? Are you ready to kick the habit once and for all? If you feel sugar is ruling your diet, then try these tips to gain back control over your health. Remember, small tiny changes will have a massive impact on your overall well-being.   *Try eating protein in the […]