To continue with helpful information on ways to be safe this summer, today we will look at how we can be safe when we are near the water. Whether we are lounging by the pool, swimming, or just on a boat; safety must be a priority!

Did you know that drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death in children? Did you know that swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 90%? Though that is a hard statistic to swallow, we can do something about that by helping our child learn to swim. Whether that is working with your child yourself or attending swim lessons with a professional*; our children need to know how to swim.

Kids aren’t the only ones who need to practice safe swimming. We too need to keep swimming safety in mind. Don’t overestimate your swimming abilities and always avoid going swimming alone if you can. There are adult swim lessons available as well, never let your ego put you in an unsafe situation. Please be mindful and aware that drinking alcoholic beverages does impact your awareness and response time when swimming.

Life jackets – If you have one wear it! If you need one – go get it! It is always better to be safe… and not sorry. Whether you are on a boat or in deeper than standing water, considering personally wearing a life jacket. For your child’s safety, if they do not know how to swim, PLEASE put them in a life jacket. Another safety tip is to designate an undistracted adult to keep an eye on any children that are swimming.

If you have 5 minutes – here is a great video that covers a few tips for pool safety: blowing bubbles, rolling onto your back, and getting to the surface/exit of the pool.

I personally have sent my son to swim lessons at the YMCA here in Abilene. If you would like more information – please let me know!