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Benefits of having a dog!

Haley Cooke | May, 5, 2021

In this blog the focus is on dogs – man’s (and woman’s) best friend. However, don’t worry, other animals can boost your health, too! Increase your “healthy years”. Though we all have our days numbered in our lifespan, those that are spent in good health are up to us! Studies have shown that having a […]


Employee Spotlight – Nathan Kesler

Haley Cooke | April, 28, 2021

This week we are featuring a remote employee – Nathan Kesler! Nathan works as a Select Producer in the East Texas Region and has been with the company for almost 4 years! Read through what he had to say about his current wellness journey in our question and answer session.     What is your […]


Earth Day: Reducing Food Waste

Haley Cooke | April, 22, 2021

Let’s celebrate Earth Day and work to reduce food waste.     1. Upcycle Food Have you ever thought of using food scraps like veggie peels for veggie stock? Next time you peel carrots, potatoes, onions, etc., save the scraps and freeze them until you have enough to make tasty veggie stock! Check out this […]


No Equipment, No Gym, No Excuses – Part 2

Haley Cooke | April, 21, 2021

As promised, here are 5 more exercises you can do anywhere!   6. Bicycle Crunches Biggest Benefit: Works all areas of the abs. If you want to be beach-ready for the summer, this version of a crunch works practically every inch of your abs, including the “side abs.” This all-in-one exercise will make your ab […]


No Equipment, No Gym, No Excuses – Part 1

Haley Cooke | April, 14, 2021

Today, let me help you with 5 exercises you can do anywhere! Check back next week for 5 more!   1. Arm Circles Biggest Benefit: Loosens shoulders Arm circles are a great pre-workout exercise before you start doing more intense bodywork. It’s an important and easy warm-up and loosens up your shoulders which often hold […]


Today is National Walking Day!

Haley Cooke | April, 7, 2021

Did you know the first Wednesday in April each year is National Walking Day? If you didn’t know that – now you do! 😉 And to top that off… that is today!   Here’s a look at some of the benefits of walking: Circulation of the blood – Walking daily is an excellent way to […]


Benefits of Sweating in the A.M.

Haley Cooke | March, 24, 2021

The Top Benefits of Working Out in the Morning With some people working from home, it’s a lot easier to roll out of bed and head straight to the living room “gym” for an at-home workout. What is also perfect about working for DIG is our “In House” gym with locker rooms attached! So, if […]


4 Ways to Drink More Water

Haley Cooke | March, 18, 2021

If you are working on being better about drinking your water, try out these 4 simple steps to increase your daily water intake!   PLAN – Have a bottle of water ready to drink from when you wake up. Drink at least 8 oz of water in the morning before starting your day. Set an […]


Sleep Deprivation

Haley Cooke | March, 10, 2021

Sleep Deprivation Facts Everyone Should Know  We all want and need quality sleep! However, a number of factors can interrupt quality sleeping, including insomnia and other health conditions. Here are a few facts on why sleep deprivation is quite the concerning public health problem:  Sleep standards matter – Quality sleep should include three important facets: […]


Proper Computer Posture

Haley Cooke | March, 3, 2021

Do you find yourself struggling to sit comfortably at your desk all day? If you had to “score” your posture.. would you be proud of you score? Why is this important? Poor Posture Can Lead to: Sore necks                                     Muscle fatigue Headaches                                     Poor circulation Diminished lung function               Rounded shoulders   […]