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Proper Computer Posture

Haley Cooke | March, 3, 2021

Do you find yourself struggling to sit comfortably at your desk all day? If you had to “score” your posture.. would you be proud of you score?

Why is this important?

Poor Posture Can Lead to:

Sore necks                                     Muscle fatigue

Headaches                                     Poor circulation

Diminished lung function               Rounded shoulders


What can you do to help yourself?

Adjust your comfortable chair to the correct height and back firmness.

Keep your head and neck aligned with your shoulders.

As you type, keep your fingers slightly curved and your wrists as relaxed as possible.

Adjust your monitor to be no further than 18-24 inches from your view.

Keep your feet flat on the ground. Try not to curl the feet under your chair.

Base your workspace on your height, not anyone else’s. If you share a work space…  be sure to adjust each time you return to your desk.


How can I help you?

If you feel like you need some assistance with this – let me know! We can discuss some stretches for you to begin correcting your posture as well as some ideas on what you can do to hold yourself accountable while at your desk!


As a bonus: Here are some other positions to consider when thinking about your posture!

Transformation of the Year 2020

Haley Cooke | February, 26, 2021

Award purpose – This annual award is given to an individual that represents exactly what the DIG Wellness team is about – mind, body, and soul. A person who has transformed their life mentally, physically/nutritionally, and spiritually throughout the year!

Before presenting this award at the luncheon, I asked Allie to answer some questions about her journey over the last year so that through this blog – you can learn more about the journey she has been on!


What was the deciding factor in you making a decision to change your health?

I weighed in at 375 lbs and was miserable… with all my underlying health issues (Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis) there were days I was unable to dress myself or walk very far.

I felt like I had no quality of life.

How have you seen positive changes in your overall health?

I am able to walk, RUN and exercise with minimum pain.

There are very few days that it is hard for me to function like it was in the past.

Was there something you never thought you could do, but now you are able to do it?

RUN… like seriously how am I even doing that?? I run at least 3 times a week and actually love it! *Insert from Haley – my favorite time running with Allie (and her husband) was when we ran a 5K together at ACU. We had many moments of “laughter” and I just knew she was going to hate me after. However, we talk about this moment often and how it has encouraged her and her husband to push themselves while running!

Do you have a newfound favorite food?

Dive Bar Nutrition has the absolute best protein bars… I am absolutely in love with them.

Oh and Unsweetened Almond Milk!

How much weight have you lost overall? And since January 2020?

In December of 2018 my highest documented weight was 375 lbs… since then I have lost a total of 160 lbs putting me at 215 lbs!

Since January 2020,  I have lost 50 lbs of that, gotten muscle and crushed many goals!

Do you know how many sizes you have dropped since the start of your journey?

It ranges between 6 to 7 sizes depending on the brand and clothing style.

What do you think has changed the most about your new lifestyle?

My mentality. Even on my worst days I can still convince myself to workout or make a healthy food choice.  

Do you have big goals for 2021?

Yes, the first one is getting into the 100’s!! Even as a teenager I wasn’t in the 100’s.  I AM SO CLOSE!!!

The second goal is to be able to run for a longer distance outside.

When it comes to the DWC do you have a favorite workout class?

Hands down Spin is my favorite because I love the competitive vibe and the fact that when I spin my brain forgets all the stress of the day! Also, It helps that we have an amazing instructor Patrick!!   

*Insert from Haley – Allie has also starting leading her own HIIT class on Tuesdays using Apple Fitness workouts.

If someone wanted to start a transformation journey for 2021, what would you say to them?

Start small and keep moving… It helps to create a small goal such as losing 5 lbs in a month and even easier to add a little more on when you blow through that initial goal.

If one day you “fall off the wagon” take a deep breathe and just jump back on.  You aren’t failing as long as you get back up and keep trying.

Anything else you want to share?

No matter where you are in life just keep moving! I am here for you and also the DIG Wellness Center is an amazing resource to use!


Check out these awesome progress pictures (provided by Allie) from 2020!



10 Minute Workout

Haley Cooke | February, 17, 2021

Are you finding yourself with very little time to get an exercise in?

Let me help you out! I bet you can squeeze in 10 minutes somewhere 🙂 Try this workout out before your morning shower, at lunch or before you go to bed! Find the time to take care of YOU… so that you can continue to help take care of others.


Complete 3 rounds:

30 sec plank hold (full extension or on your elbows)

30 sec lateral lunge with reach

30 sec lateral hops (one leg or both legs)

30 sec jumping squats

30 sec push ups (modify as needed)

30 sec hollow hold

BREAK for 30 sec then repeat


If you need help with any of these moves or further explanation – just let me know!

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