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Thanksgiving is almost here!

Haley Cooke | November, 16, 2022

Let’s face it.

Special events = too many chances to make unhealthy choices.

However, there is a way to survive these events and still make healthy choices! Here are some suggestions on how you can avoid the pitfalls of holiday festivities. All it takes is a little preparation and some wise decision-making.

Featured DWC Equipment: Landmine

Haley Cooke | November, 9, 2022

Have you seen the Landmine in the DIG Wellness Center? It is a current attachment to our half rack system. If you are not sure how to use it, what it is, or where it is located… let me know!

Are you wanting to try something new in your workout!? Check out these 5 moves below and if you are up for the challenge incorporate them into your next workout.


Rotational Deadlift to Press – Your body will be positioned to the side of the landmine. From squat position move upward with the deadlift to press with the outside arm. Allow your body to rotate to the inside.

Hack Squat – Your body will be positioned at the end of the landmine. Facing outward in a squat position, one arm will hold the weight from behind as a normal squat occurs.

Lunge to PressYour body will be positioned at the end of the landmine. From a lunge position, move upward with the weight to standing then press.

Single Leg Deadlift RowYour body will be positioned to the side of the landmine. From standing position, lower the weight toward the ground while bringing your inside leg up. At the top, while on one leg, complete a one arm row before returning to the standing position.

Standing TwistsYour body will be positioned at the end of the landmine. Holding the weight at the chest, move the landmine from one side to another creating a rainbow with the movement. Allow the outside leg/ankle to rotate with the movement.


As always – let me know if you need assistance!

By Request: Fall Slow Cookers Meals

Haley Cooke | October, 19, 2022

To follow up with last week’s blog, this blog will be in response to a request for some healthier fall crock pot meals. I went through a few of my favorite recipe bloggers’ list of goodies and recommendations and picked out four Fall based Slow Cooker Meals!



The first two recipes are meant for “freezer crock pot meals”. You can prepare the ingredients in advance and then when you are ready to use the meal, take it out of the freezer and toss it into the crock pot! You can also use these recipes as prepare and cook right away meals.

Roasted Sweet Potato Chili Freezer Slow Cooker Meal

Sweet and Sour Tempeh Freezer Slow Cooker Meal


The remaining two are perfect for the cooler weather! Whether you are looking for a breakfast or a new soup, these two recipes sound delicious!

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Soup


If you would like me to deliver a copy of the recipe or email it to you, just let me know! Also, if you try one out – let us know!


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