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Protein Intake

Haley Cooke | November, 13, 2019

Are you getting enough protein in your daily food intake?

There are multiple ways of calculating the minimum level of protein that your body needs, but for this blog I am focusing on the weight method.



If you have recently weighed yourself, go off the number the scale provided. If you haven’t recently weighed yourself, feel free to come see me to use our body composition scale or weigh yourself in the DIG Wellness Center on the corner scale. Using that number for your weight, multiply that number by .36 to give you your minimum level of protein needed a day.

Example: 175 lbs X .36 grams per pound = 63 grams of protein needed a day MINIMUM


Important additional factors to consider:

JOB – If you are active in your job, you need more protein than the number found through the calculation. The calculation is meant for sedentary jobs.

EXERCISE – If you are exercising multiple days a week, you also need more protein than the calculated number. The calculation is meant for normal day to day physical activity and those who are currently not lifting weights or exercising.

GOALS – If you are trying to lose weight, more protein may be needed. All of this depends on your current stage of weight loss and your activity level. Let’s talk if you would like more information about the “goal” factor.


Good sources of protein:

Animal protein: meat, fish, eggs, dairy

Other options: tofu, edamame, lentils, oats, nuts

Physically active 4-6 days a week: protein supplement


*** It is very important to understand, if an individual is not working out or choosing a daily active lifestyle, additional protein is NOT encouraged. Additional protein that “sits” in the body becomes fat and is not beneficial for the individual.

Bath Therapy

Haley Cooke | November, 5, 2019

Have you ever heard of it? If not, it is exactly what it sounds like! Taking some time out of your day to sit in your bath for therapeutic time for yourself!

Bath therapy not only helps you to relax, but it also boosts your circulation and can balance your energy flow!


Tips for a successful bath therapy session:

Pour yourself a drink of your favorite beverage for hydration.

Close the door or shut the blinds to drown out anything outside of the room you are in.

If you can, dim your lights some to set a relaxing mood.

Turn on soft music that brings you peace.

Light a candle or diffuse your favorite essential oils.

Enjoy some time to yourself.

Do you ever feel alone?

Haley Cooke | October, 30, 2019

Any one out there?

While our blog is meant to inform, engage, encourage and teach employees about health, nutrition and fitness…. I am not sure this is occurring!

In order to test out my theory… I am putting out a challenge.

I have 10 prizes. First come, first serve. Please do no share the details with anyone since that will simply ruin the test!

Respond below or send me an email telling me I am not alone and you actually read my blog today!




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