It is the end of the work day and you seem to always have neck and back pain. Does this sound familiar? If so… check out a few tips below to give yourself some relief!

Stretch – Try to give yourself a few moments to stretch out your neck and back between projects you are working on. Throw in a few shoulder rolls, heads tilts, and toe touches to loosen up your body during the middle of the day. If you need more ideas, take a look at the 5-minute stretching exercises that have been sent out each week to those participating in the Injury Prevention Challenge!

Exercise – You probably are not surprised I have thrown this in here… but regular exercise does lead to stronger stabilizer muscles. These muscles support our weight and can help prevent neck and back pain to begin with. Throw in some pushups and planks during your day to strengthen your lower back. Something to note: A strong core helps to have a strong back… a weaker core contributes to a weaker back. These two regions work in connection with one another.

Check your working station – Refer to the delivered resources for proper ergonomics as often as you can. If you find yourself working in a less than ideal work station… (maybe your couch or your dining room table) I would bet your posture is suffering. By placing your spine in misalignment, you are causing unnecessary pressure on muscles and ligaments. Focus on relaxed shoulders and full back support. Make sure your ears line up with your shoulders and uncross your legs!

Other tips to consider – Foam rolling (see my previous blog post), yoga (check out our inhouse class on Fridays), or go get a massage!

If you find you are in constant pain, seek help. You can start with ice, heat, stretching, and exercise to help alleviate some of the pain. Most people are able to overcome back pain with physical therapy, rest, and appropriate exercise. Never be afraid to ask and seek help from a doctor before it becomes a chronic issue in your life.