frutta fresca di stagione

Ever walk through the produce department at the grocery store and wonder how to pick the best pineapple? Or ask yourself why the strawberries are $2/lb and the blueberries are $5 for a tiny container?? Produce prices fluctuate throughout the year based on what is “in season.” In order to help you maximize your dollar, I am starting a series of posts called “Produce of the Month.” In each post, I will inform you which fruits and vegetables are in season as well as what to look for when making your selection. We are also going to talk about the “tricks” and tips to help you make the best choice. Expect to see some overlap between months as most produce is in season for more than one month at a time, some even all year long! Already 7 days into April, we better get this series started…here are the FRUITS to purchase in April:

Firm with no spots
Firm with no bruises
Firm, plump, and brightly colored
Firm, well rounded, and heavy for size; avoid puffy/rough skinned
Creamy yellow rounds and pleasant aroma
Firm, heavy for size, and has brightly colored skin
Yields gently to pressure at the stem end
Slightly soft; ripe when leaves are easily removed with small tug
Dry, firm, and bright red in color

…stay tuned for a list of veggies in season this month…