April 12, 2015

This past Sunday we had our THIRD group of runners participate in another race, 2 of which ran a FULL marathon! The race was in Dallas, TX at the Big D half and full marathon event. I have asked those who ran to give me a “war story” or something they experienced from the race. Here are some of their stories…maybe you will be inspired!

Meguell Suell- “After several years of my wife training and running marathons, I decided that it was time for me to put myself through the torture of a half marathon. It was helpful that I had several others from FDLIC join me in the adventure. On Race Day of Big-D, it felt natural that I was there, but un-natural that I was actually running… I started close to the front with the other FDLIC runners (they were at the very front). Starting the race was smooth and comfortable, like running a short 5k (which I was used to). My goal was to stay slightly behind the 1:40 minute pace runner and not let any women pass me while running (no offense)… But this didn’t happen, as I reached mile 4 and 5 I realized that it was OK to let women pass me up… as I lost the energy in my legs, I lost my pride for keeping up with the best… So yes, the 50+ yr old women passed me like young gazelles!”

Ben Ciani- “The race itself was a blast! I greatly enjoyed the entire experience…even with all the soreness afterwards. My biggest advice I have to offer is don’t train because it will make it easier, it will, rather train because otherwise afterwards you will be in a world of hurt for what feels like an eternity. As for the race itself I would say the best and worse part was the start. Starting with Chris and Steven who wanted to take off in the front was awesome and a mistake. For the first few feet I felt unstoppable, leading the pack and takin’ names. Moments later not so much, I realized I was going too fast and would burn out quickly if I kept up that speed so I began to slow down. Everyone around me quickly overtook me and I started to get hit by uncertainty that maybe I wasn’t ready at all for this. Thankfully I found a group with a good pace and was able to stick with them. The signs also helped, my top two were “You’re almost not even close to being done” and “Bet you thought the sign up said rum didn’t you”

Steven Rodriguez- “It probably sounds crazy to most people but, the race was so much fun! I learned so much on Sunday about what I need to work on and how the marathon is just a whole different animal when compared to the half..Everything was good up until 19-20 when the pain started to get severe to the point were my right hamstring seized up. I had a feeling that I was going to cramp due to the fact that it was so humid. I was taking in plenty of Gatorade but the humidity was draining. The last 6 miles is intense due to the fact that you see so many people in different stages at this point of the race. Some with grimaces, tears, smiles (ha), determination, and some talking to God (me and several others for sure). They say the last 6 miles of the race is where it is won and I would totally agree with that due to the fact that you have to dig deep in those last miles to finish strong. I finished in 3:44 not the time I wanted but I am OK with that as there is always room to improve. I am beyond addicted to running not just because it is fun but, because of how much it has changed my life. Call me crazy but I am already thinking about my next race along with getting back out there to start training again.”

Brittany Suell- Her first race post baby! Read her blog post HERE.

Chris Baber- The man in the middle of the photo, started it all around here. He has been a source of encouragement to every single runner along the way. This race was his 13th FULL marathon! I am bragging on him because he won’t…but he finished in great time and is an inspiration to many. Thank you Chris for all your dedication!!