This section of the blog is to encourage, motivate, and share successes. When people see and hear about the journey of someone else they personally know, another level of motivation can be reached. With that said, a few of our own folks will be featured on the blog telling their story. Know that we can never really “arrive” in our health journey. None of us are perfect. But these individuals have taken steps towards health and made strides in their journey.
The first person to be featured is Kim Kent. She reached out to me before our summer program in the wellness center to help her be accountable. It is apparent to me that Kim is dedicated and once she sets her mind to something, she goes for it! Like me, Kim is competitive with herself…this is one area that I can definitely relate with! My hope is that you can be inspired by her journey to health and becoming the best she can be!

Q: What is the “why” behind deciding to make a significant lifestyle change towards health?

A: My “why” may seem selfish but it is me, my why is me. I wanted energy, I wanted to feel and look better. I did not want to just keep wishing and thinking about it. I had to make it happen. I wanted to stop going through fad diets and exercise programs.

Q: Has your motivation changed over the course of your journey?

A: Definitely! Sure there are days I am lacking in motivation but I know I cannot fall off the wagon for long.

KimKent2Q: When did your journey begin and what has been your story?

A: Exercise and healthy eating were a fad for me most of my life. But in the beginning of 2013 I saw a picture of myself, and vowed to never look or feel like that again. I overate, I did not care, I lacked in energy, and I despised the way I looked in my clothes.

So my journey began. I started walking and adding in heathier versions of food. In the middle of that year, I was introduced to Spark by AdvoCare. It gave me the extra energy and motivation to work out a little longer and more often. After I attended an AdvoCare conference in October 2013, things were put into perspective for me. I came back feeling alive, motivated, and knowing I can motivate others on their journey as well.

In 2014 as a family, we started making an effort to make wiser decisions about our food choices and exercising. Pizza and nachos are my favorite foods, and I do still eat them, just not like I had been. I make sure everyone has their vitamins, and I am constant nag about drinking more water.
In early 2014, I started having hip and knee pain, which had me feeling a lot older than I am. It hurt to walk so I used that as an excuse for putting exercise on the back burner. I was mad at myself. I had to change that!

I still have pain, but not as bad as it was. Exercise has become a priority for me once more. I now exercise 3-4 days a week, and I am working my way back up to 5-6 days a week. I still have a lot of work to do, and my journey is nowhere near over.

Q: What are 3 things you’ve learned since living this way?

A: I have learned everything is a mind game. I try to outdo myself all of the time. This is the why I signed up for this year’s summer slim down. I had a goal for myself of getting 30 stars. It was a competition of me vs. me.
I do not like to hear excuses, so I had to stop making excuses for myself! You do have time if you choose to have time; you can do it – if you choose to do it. It is all about making wise choices and being accountable. NO EXCUSES.

I became more aware that I was and am an example…Not only to my son, Aidan, but also to others wanting to make a change.

Q: If someone is looking to live a healthier life, what would one tip be to encourage them into making a change?

A: I believe you must change the way you think. It starts with one small change…your mind. Know you can do it and that it will not be easy but it will be worth it.

Do not say “I will start Monday”
Because tomorrow or your Monday is too late….NOW is exactly the right moment!

Q: What is one goal you have yet to accomplish, but still working towards?

A: On my last birthday, I told myself I wanted to be in the best shape I have ever been in by my 35th birthday. I am on my way – I have a little over 5 months. Due to an injury, I was down for quite some time. There are days that I hurt really badly, but I cannot give up. I must make my goal!