AllisonCPhotoThe next featured employee on our stories page is Allison Condry. I have seen her dedication and appreciate her willingness to grow in fitness. She participated in the Summer Slim Down program last year (2014) and was one of the top 3 winners! This year, she took first place in the competition! Allison has also run two half-marathons in the last year. I know you will find her story inspiring. Enjoy!

Q:What is the “why” behind deciding to make a significant lifestyle change towards health?

A:I knew I was overweight, but seeing the word “obesity” on my medical chart was a major motivator towards change. Having a great gym facility down the hall also had a big impact. It’s so easy to say, “I’ll work out when I get home” and then end up sitting on the couch instead.

Q:Has your motivation changed over the course of your journey?

A:People have been a big motivation on my work out journey. Vanessa started doing her Zumba class, so that was fun to go to, and I felt like I was being supportive as well as sweating! When I leave for the day, Kelley B is always asking, “See you back there?” so I have to say yes or at least have a really good excuse not to be in the gym 😀 Anna Robins essentially offered me a trip to Disneyworld if I simply ran 13.1 miles while there. I still don’t love running, but that was a fun journey. I enjoyed seeing what I was capable of. I had tried running before and struggled to get ¼ of a mile. When you have a group of people encouraging you along the way, it’s amazing what you can accomplish. It doesn’t hurt to give a mouse (Mickey) a lot of money either! I ran a diva half a few months after the Disney half and now my aunt, cousin, and her daughter are already planning a family girls’ run at the Diva event next year. I guess I better put my running shoes back on!

Q:When did your journey begin and what has been your story?

A:If you know my mom, you can guess I grew up eating fairly healthy. I still try to eat fairly healthy and watch my portions, but I still enjoy food. As far as exercise, I’ve never had great coordination, so sports were not my thing. Again, having a great facility available to me before I even get outside of the building is amazing. Some days, all I have time for is the 15 min body pump class, but I’ve seen a change even in that. It’s encouraging to not be sore the day after the company-wide meeting in December!

Q:What are 3 things you’ve learned since living this way?

A:1. Having accountability really helps! I don’t get together with someone and sit down and discuss the week’s plan, but there are people expecting me to show up at certain classes and will ask me about it if I slack off.
2. Have a goal. And have a goal that motivates YOU. Goals like loose this much or this many inches don’t work for me. I tried. For me, it’s how many times or hours I work out in a week or how many half marathons I’ll participate in within a year. Find a goal that you can stick with.
3. I can do it! I may not have rhythm, but I can still do Zumba. I may not be lifting 100 pounds, but I’m still picking up a bar lifting weight. I may not be able to keep up with Baber and Kiki while I run, but, surprisingly, I can run!