This week we are featuring Laurie Burton on our stories page. Laurie came to me once the Daniel Plan book study was complete because she wanted to start an exercise plan. Since that time we have been meeting during her lunch break on Tuesday & Thursday each week for her to exercise. I am proud of the dedication and consistency Laurie has shown the past several months and her progress is showing. She has stronger, more defined muscles and lots more energy! I hope you are encouraged by Laurie’s story and inspired to make choices to live healthier!

Q: What is the “why” behind deciding to make a significant lifestyle change towards health?

A: I decided to make the change for myself and my family. I was getting to the point where it was hard for me to do any activities due to my fibromyalgia. I was also tired and had limited amounts of energy during the day.

Q: What actions did you take in order to create healthy habits?

A: I started working out twice a week and eating healthier in addition to walking when I can.

Q: How did the Daniel Plan book study impact your views towards health and fitness?

A: It really changed my outlook on the foods that I was eating. I noticed that I had more energy during the study and I also learned that some of the foods are actually good!

Q: What benefits have you seen since making exercise a priority in your schedule?

A: I have noticed that I am able to do activities outside and not hurt the next day. Before I started working out, if I did any type of activity I would pay for it the next few days. By going slow in my workouts I have be able to do a lot more things and not have all the pain.

Q: What is one encouragement you would say to someone wanting to make healthier choices?

A: Don’t put it off. Just start doing it because it is worth the work. Start out slow and let your body get used to it. It will help you stay with the program and not give up.