Practicing portion control is extremely important when trying to lose or maintain weight. Our eyes are often not the best judge of how much food we should consume, therefore, we often overeat. Eating out has also become very convenient and portions at restaurants are almost always more than we should consume at one meal. Before we dive into some practical tips on controlling our portions, let’s take a look at what correct portions look like.


Portion Control Tips

Repackage supersized bags
Buying in bulk is often times better for your pocketbook, but can lead to overeating because the large amounts of serving quantities. Redistribute the correct serving size into smaller bags for easy, go to portions.

Split a meal with someone at restaurants
When eating out, there is often times more food on the plate than we need. Split an appetizer and one main dish with a friend or spouse to reduce portion sizes.

Use a smaller plate
When eating at home, serve your meals on smaller plates such as a salad plate. Your plate will look full, but you will be consuming less.

Avoid skipping meals
If you wait until you are ravenous to eat, you are more likely to consume more food. This is why eating snacks in between meals is recommended and can keep your appetite at bay. It is a good rule of thumb to avoid going without food for longer than 5 hours.

Slow down and skip second servings
Chew your food slowly rather than inhaling everything in sight. Eat one reasonable serving and don’t immediately return for seconds. Allow your body to digest the food you have consumed and only serve yourself more if you are still hungry.

Avoid eating in front of the TV
When your attention is focused on something else, you are more likely to overeat. Sit down at the table and enjoy meal time before watching TV.