Super Bowl Sunday is near and, yes, this is a one time a year event, but it is possible to make smart choices despite all the yummy finger foods available. You may have already decided to “break” from your eating plan, and that is just fine. Events like these are a true test in a lifestyle change. The most important thing is to get right back on track at your next meal, rather than letting the splurges de-rail your progress. You may even find the foods you enjoyed once before might not taste as good as you remembered.

Below are some ideas on fit friendly foods to bring along with you this Sunday:shutterstock_366441623

Fresh guacamole and/or salsa with corn chips
Veggie sticks and hummus
Quinoa salad
Mixed berries
Dark chocolate covered strawberries
Gluten-free oatmeal cookies

If you think there might not be many healthy options at the party you plan to attend, I would advise you to eat a meal before you go. Arriving hungry will only cause you to be tempted to consume more than you should. Eating before will help you control your cravings and be smart about the choices you make. Good luck and enjoy the fellowship with friends this Super Bowl Sunday!