Did you know the DIG Wellness Center offers personal training sessions with the Director of Wellness?

If not, now you do!

Through personal training sessions, each individual gets to set up their desired plan in order to reach their personal fitness goal. Whether we target specific muscle groups or meet two days a week – it is up to you!

Most recently, Christy Bechtel and I spent three days a week together in the gym working on some specific goals that she set during her Live Fit Challenge. For this blog, I asked her permission to share some of the modifications and specifics to the program we worked on together. I also asked her to answer the questions below:

What do you find to be the most important thing about a consistent workout schedule?

For me, it’s accountability. When I schedule it in to my day I’m more likely to get it done. And with consistency, comes results.

Where have you seen the most success recently when it comes to your fitness?

Endurance for sure.

Where do you want to be in 3 months with your fitness levels?

I want to be able to do twice the amount of exercise I do now in each workout.

What else would you like to share about your personal training experience?

I know sometimes the thought of personal training to somebody who isn’t used to exercise may seem intimidating. I shared with Haley what physical limitations I had and she went out of her way to go find the TRX straps and show me how to use them properly. This is something I can now do on my own that I couldn’t do before.

Some key things I want to point out about Christy’s answers.

  • With consistency comes results, nothing is instant. Keep at it, results are coming.
  • In only 6 weeks, Christy began to see success in herself!
  • Keep pushing forward each day, set a goal – meet it, now set another goal!
  • Your personal training time is about YOU. Your needs, your modifications and your goals.

I am encouraged by the time I had with Christy Bechtel during our personal training sessions. She has gained knowledge in her form, her ability level and her personal strength. Each week that we met together, workouts were specifically made for her and the areas she requested we work on. I have seen her grow in strength, knowledge and overall confidence!

Way to go Christy!

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