You say: I just don’t have time to cook.

A suggestion: Do a little bit of work in preparation to make it easier.

Consider what you will eat hours before you eat it, maybe even days! Prepare a list before you go to the store, plan out your meals, and stick to it! Think through some healthy snack options, maybe vegetables or boiled eggs and have these snacks readily available if you start searching before meal time.

In addition, make time for your health!


You say: I hate the feeling of being hungry.

A suggestion: Find your favorite low-calorie, filling foods and use these to your benefit.

Consider fiber filled vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, squash, and brussels sprouts) as a snack to keep on hand when the feeling of “hunger” strikes. If that is not enough, look for lean protein and whole grain options.

In addition, it is okay to endure the hunger pains and tell yourself “no” every now and then.


You say: Healthy food is just not appealing to me.

A suggestion: Try something you think you don’t like; your taste buds change.

Consider trying out new recipes or experimenting with different spices. Never rule out a healthier option just because you didn’t like it the first time you had it. Ask your family and friends about the different ways they cook some healthier options. You never know, they may have exactly what you have been looking for!

In addition, be adventurous and try new foods you had never even heard of before.


You say: Eating healthy costs too much.

A suggestion: Make the best decisions for your budget.

Consider the seasonal items and the frozen fruits/veggies. Seasonal items tend to be cheaper because of the high volume supplied to the stores. Organic is not always the best option and will not be the cheapest.

In addition, you will pay for your health one way or the other – healthy food or doctor’s bills.



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