What is your experience with using aromatherapy? Have you ever tried it? If you are unsure of the term, maybe you have heard the terminology essential oils therapy!?

Aromatherapy uses scented oils that are generally diffused or used as a topical application. The oils can aid in the improvement of a person’s body, mind, and/or spirit.

You may not realize it, but many homes and offices diffuse oils throughout the day. Not only does it help the area to smell nice, depending on what oil is being used, it can also aid in a person’s overall health!


Ideas on how to use:

For a quick energy boost – A person could use peppermint, lemon or spearmint.

For stress and anxiety relief – A person could use patchouli, lavender, or cedarwood.

For a better night of rest – A person could use lavender, orange, or frankincense.


If this is something new to you – I encourage you to try it out!

My “go-to” oils are lavender and lemon.

If you currently use aromatherapy, what is your favorite oil!?