Do you find yourself looking for an energy boost around 3 or 4 in the afternoon?

Do you feel tired or even head-achy?

Have you considered whether your blood sugar is low? And from our last blog post, how is your water intake?


Two main causes of an energy slump are low blood sugar and a low body water percentage. In order to keep your blood sugar regulated – pay attention to the fuel you give your body. FOOD = FUEL Also, to keep your body water percentage up, count your water intake each day.

Try to eat a balanced lunch each day that consists of lean proteins and a complex carb. Adding in just a small bit of butter or olive oil will also help to keep your blood sugar stable for several hours.


Lunch Ideas:  Chicken with beans

                        Seafood with rice

                         Tofu with potatoes


*Try to avoid eating turkey for lunch. Turkey contains tryptophan which causes drowsiness!