I saw this image below and wanted to share.

Talk about hitting you with “all the feels”, which is slang for that really got to my emotions!

As a toddler(ish) mom, busy at home, trying to be engaged in friendships/community, and very busy in my own career; I often overlook myself.

I am sure you do the same if you are honest with yourself.

Maybe you are busy with a spouse/children, church, friends/community groups, or other priorities. Maybe you get overwhelmed, feel lonely, are tired, or have felt a little bit of burnout in an area of your life.

The deal is – we are all somewhere on the moving scale of self-care. Self-care directly relates to our mental health and it is vital that we take care of these areas! Would you say you are on the lower end of the scale and need some attention given to your self-care? I know I can honestly say that I need to step it up!


To get to my point about the image, if I don’t care for myself… who will I be able to help?

I need to do the things or take the time to fill my own cup.

Personally that means working out, or journaling, and/or taking time away from the “world” to just sit in silence.

I must be proactive and focus on self-care to continue to have my cup overflowing in order to help others! BONUS: IT IS NOT SELFISH!


I challenge you to do the same. Maybe take an hour for yourself or a day away from the normal routine to invest in yourself.

We are only our best AT our best. We can only serve others WHEN we take care of the servant. We can only pour from the cup that has been filled.

If you need assistance with self-care: feel free to reach out for some tips on what that might look like for you personally. Also, I have created the monthly inhouse calendar plan to focus on self-care. If you are in need of a March calendar, just let me know!