Read through what Jerika has to say about her current wellness journey in our question and answer session.


What motivated you to start your wellness journey?

My biggest motivation at first was to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy. After that was accomplished, I decided there were still areas that I wanted to work on just to feel more comfortable in my own skin.


Do you have a weekly exercise routine?

I really try to get in 5 workouts a week. I have been doing at least 30 mins on the elliptical machine and just recently started to do the Transform 20 videos with the additional cardio.


What has been the best part of your journey so far?

Seeing the results!!! It’s the best feeling when you can tell a difference on how your clothes fit.


Do you have anything you struggle with daily and how do you overcome that?

I really like snacks 😊. So, steering clear of the snacks I would usually grab and finding healthier alternatives.


What is your favorite part about exercise?

The energy I have afterwards. I do not feel sluggish after I get off work and I can go home and have the energy I need to play with my kids.


Where are you currently seeing success?

EVERYWHERE! Mostly my stomach and legs!


What are you the most proud of?

Holding myself accountable for waking up every morning and getting my workouts in.  It is easy for me to make excuses with 3 kids, but I remind myself every morning that I have a goal to meet!


Any words of wisdom for someone wanting to start their own journey?

It takes a little bit of time to start seeing results but do not give up on yourself or your goals. Stick with it and YOU WILL see change. Stay positive, focused and push yourself every day.


I love Jerika’s positivity about this process. She understands it is not about instant results and more about sticking with it and never giving up… even if it is hard work. She understands the work she puts into each day pours into what she is then able to give to her family!

My encouragement to you this week is to place yourself in Jerika’s shoes… what do you want to improve on? Who in your life deserves some more energy from you after work!? What can you begin doing today or this week that will translate to success in your own wellness journey?

It is never too late to start taking care of yourself! Reach out to me… I am here to help!