Check yourself: Are you getting in your 3 cups of vegetables (minimum) each day!?

Do you find it hard to get your vegetables in each day? Eating vegetables is important because of the vitamins and minerals that they provide! Consider some of these ideas below when you are pushing yourself to get in the minimum cups of vegetables a day.


Find new and faster ways to cook the veggies you love. That may be in the oven or in the microwave. Try the veggies steamed or perhaps raw.

Plan out your daily snack to include an easy to eat vegetable. That could be a bag of baby carrots or a stalk of celery. Look for something simple to eat on the go and that doesn’t require making a mess to snack on.

Add the vegetables into your meals by making a casserole or a stir fry. If you have picky eating children or spouses… this is a fun way to disguise the vegetables as well!

Create a colorful plate full of vegetables to enjoy. Think about your favorite holidays to celebrate and how you can incorporate the vegetables to display a full tray full of healthy snacks! How about some broccoli and cherry tomatoes to create a Christmas wreath!

Save time and use frozen veggies. Look for the bags of vegetables that are plain without any sort of sauces or butter added in. Side note, frozen veggies can also be bought in big bags to help with multiple days of meal planning!


Check back next week for a few more ideas on how to get your veggies in each day!