Check yourself: Are you getting in your 2 cups of fruits (minimum) each day!?

Do you find it hard to get your fruit in each day? Eating fruit is important because of the provided nutrients that are vital for health and maintenance of the body! Consider some of these ideas below when you are pushing yourself to get in the minimum cups of fruit per day.

Explore new and creative ways to prepare the fruit you love. That may be in a fruit salad or on top of a treat like ice cream. Try the fruit by itself or paired up with yogurt.

Plan out your daily snack to include an easy to peel fruit. That could be a couple of cuties (little tangerines) or a banana. Look for something simple to eat on the go and that doesn’t require making a mess to snack on.

Add the fruits into your meals by making a smoothie or a side dish of only fruit. If you have picky eaters in the house… allowing them to create their own smoothie is a fun way to get in the fruit!

Create a colorful plate full of fruit to enjoy. Design a flag or a rainbow with all the different fruits! Stop by the Work Café in the mornings and select at least 3 colors of fruit to put in your bowl.

Save time and use frozen fruit. Look for the bags of fruit that are already chopped up and frozen. Frozen fruit can also be bought in big bags and divided into snack bags to take with you daily. Place one of these smaller frozen bags in your lunch to help with keeping it cold on a road trip!


Check back next week for a few more ideas on how to get your fruit in each day!