This week we are featuring another employee – Conner Nichols! Read through what he had to say about his current wellness journey in our Q & A session. Conner works in Directors Business Solutions as a finance and lending specialist.


What is your weekly exercise routine?

Currently I am trying to run around 15-20 miles a week and ride the bike trails on the weekends. I have started incorporating weights back into my routine, a couple times a week as well.

What has been the best part of your journey?

Getting back into it. After I quit playing baseball, I was not regularly working out, and I felt it!

What is a daily struggle for you personally?

Food. My wife and I try to eat clean and healthy, but when I get my hands on sugar… I cannot put it down.

What have you found to be your favorite part about exercise?

I feel like my day starts off on the right foot after a run.

Where are you currently seeing success?

Mentally. Now, I want to workout. I use to do it because I had too. Now, I enjoy it and it makes getting out of bed to go workout that much easier.


Like Conner mentions when he wasn’t moving for a period of time – he “felt it”! It is amazing what a little bit of exercise can do to help our bodies! You may not be ready for 15 miles a week, but are you willing to start with 5 miles a week? What about walking three times a week for 20 minutes?!

Let’s talk about it!