Over the next few weeks – We will look at information about nutrition labels! Often times we can overlook the “hidden information” that is provided on the products we are consuming! This week, we will look at the Servings, Serving Size and the Calories.

Servings and Serving Size: Servings are the number of serving sizes per container. The serving size is the average amount of the specified product a person consumes! This is not the suggested amount a person should eat, but an average amount that people do eat. The value listed on the label for serving size is important to use to compare other food labels of similar food types. Serving size is different than portion size.

Calories: A calorie is a unit of energy that measures how much energy a food provides to the body. This is the number of calories per serving. To get the total number of calories for the product, you must multiple the caloric value by the number of servings in the container.


Servings: 8

Serving Size: 2/3 cup

Calories per Serving: 230

Calories for the whole product: 230 x 8 = 1840 calories