Today we will look at the Sodium and Total Carbohydrates listed on the Nutrition Label. 

Sodium: Small amounts of sodium are important for the body’s fluid balance, however too much sodium can cause health issues like heart disease, risk of strokes, and high blood pressure. Processed foods usually contain greater amounts of sodium. Simple Tip: Limit your sodium intake.

Total Carbohydrate: People intake most of their calories from carbs each day as carbs serve as a large supplier of daily energy. Carbs are broken down into two types: simple and complex. Simple carbs are found in fruits, while complex carbs are found in starches. If you do some basic math, you will be able to calculate the calories from carbs in a serving and the percentage of calories from carbs.


Total Carbs per Serving: 37g

Calories per Serving: 230 calories

Total Calories from Carbs per serving: 37g x 4 calories = 148 calories per serving from Carbohydrates

Percentage of calories from Carbs: 148 calories / 230 calories (the value listed for calories in one serving) = 64% Carbs


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