World Kindness Day was last Friday, November 13th. Of course, prior to that day, I was unaware that such a day existed. Reflecting on what the day could have looked like or what every day could look like, I wanted to share some ideas on how to show and share kindness in the workplace!

Below are a few ideas of how you can show kindness today!


Say Hello and Smile. Also – actually mean it! Never underestimate the power of your smile. When a person’s presence is acknowledged, there is a warm feeling that occurs for the receiving individual. You never know what a co-worker is going through mentally or things that are happening at home. However, you do know the person is in front of you and you have the opportunity to make the person feel welcomed.

Remote workers – Don’t forget about them! Sending a simple Good Morning greeting can brighten their day and kick start production and teamwork for the remainder of the day!


Write a note of Gratitude. Handwrite a message to a co-worker that has helped you out recently or a person you want to encourage. Sending “snail mail” at work is an exciting way to show a person you took the time out of your day simply for them! Did the person go above and beyond!? Consider giving your Performance Plus Award to this individual.

Remote workers – Don’t forget about them! What an exciting way to say how much you appreciate an individual – sending actual snail mail. The holidays are coming… don’t be afraid to ask them for their address for you to send them “something”.


Make Some Goodies. Show kindness by sharing goodies with no strings attached! A just because treat day with your department. Having spontaneous treats with your team brings positive vibes throughout the day!

Remote workers – Don’t forget about them! Send a gift card for a coffee place nearby or some goodies that will last in the mail.


Buy someone’s lunch or coffee! Ask a co-worker to lunch, but on your tab! If you are not wanting to eat out… consider delivery and enjoying the new work café! If they are coffee drinkers, grab their fave coffee on your way to work.

Remote workers – Don’t forget about them! Eat lunch together via Zoom, Teams or FaceTime! Spending time together “outside” work helps to build a better relationship.