Man has 2020 been a year to remember… or forget!

My hope for you is to be able to begin 2021 with a clean slate, healthier habits and great intentions for a positive year. This will be a three part series with ideas on how to refresh your mental health in 2021:


1. Notice and Acknowledge:

Think through your emotions, notice what those are during this time. Acknowledge the positive and the negative feelings you may be experiencing. Whether 2020 hit you in the face or wore you out physically, we all have differing emotions. It is okay to feel tired and happy, stressed and relaxed, joyful and anxious.  No matter the emotion you are experiencing, take a deep breath and remember you are doing your very best.

2. Burn Away the Bad:

Cut out your negative emotions from 2020. Would you consider burning up the list of negative emotions you were able to acknowledge? Also write down the negative things that happened this year and burn them as well. Consider the things in 2021 you are looking forward to! Perhaps a trip to a fun destination, gathering in groups, having parties, or running a half marathon again!? Release the negative, set good intentions for the positive!

3. Declutter:

Decluttering can help reduce anxiety! Those items “you may need one day”, but you haven’t used in 6 months or more…. consider getting rid of those items and freeing up mental and physical space. Also remember to think about the charities where you live that accept donations. If you are anything like me, the act of decluttering makes me anxious. My encouragement to you is to do it with someone else, laugh together and talk through the process of getting rid of these items in your home.

4. Create a Meditation Routine:

If you have yet to experience a meditation, consider giving it a try! It only takes a few minutes of meditation time to restore your inner peace. Meditation comes in many forms: prayer, deep breathing exercises, or even a guided meditation. The main purpose of this routine is to sit, be still, and remove yourself from any distractions of life to create more mental clarity.

5. Focus on Fitness:

Working out is both a great physical and mental refresher. Whether you’re lifting weights, going for a run, riding bikes with the family or walking around the neighborhood – movement helps! When you work out, you release endorphins, which trigger a positive, relaxed feeling in the body — perfect for kick starting a refreshed mental health state. As you get closer to 2021, consider the fitness goals you have for the new year. And for my personal plug: Reach out to me if you need help!


See you next week for PART 2!