Cheers as we work toward starting 2021 with a clean slate, healthier habits and great intentions. This blog is part two of the three part series – ideas on how to refresh your mental health in 2021:


6. Surround Yourself with the Good

If you’re eating unhealthy food, watching negative news, and surrounding yourself with unhappy people – your life will reflect an unhealthy physical and mental state. I challenge you to consider updating all aspects of your life with positive things. Eat healthier food, embrace positive feelings, and surround yourself with loving supportive people.

7. Get Away

Even in 2020, you can plan time to unwind. Getting away may look a little different now than it has in previous years, but you can still be creative. Consider taking some time to makeover your backyard or a room in your house. Add a hammock, a fire pit, and relax in your own backyard. Paint an accent wall and get a new lounge chair to read and drink your coffee on. And if you like to adventure as much as I do, consider camping out in a national or state park near you.

8. Notice the Nice Moments

Pause and enjoy the moment you are currently in.  Whether you’re walking your dog, listening to a podcast, taking a warm bath, or enjoying a cup of coffee – just be in the moment. Try to take it all in, everything that you’re experiencing. As hard as it is, try to not multitask – just enjoy the nice moments of life.

9. Connect With Others

Spend time connecting with people who light you up. Whether that’s in-person, by text, via Zoom or FaceTime – find a way to connect as we wrap up 2020. Choose the more refreshing friendships and relationships to best help your mental health experience!

10. Do a Social Detox

Challenge yourself to unplug from social media at least one day a week. Perhaps that’s a Sunday. Choose a day where you skip all electronics — phones, televisions, tablets, etc. You may have some reading you want to catch up on or a board game that is calling your name.  A social detox can help you create rich, fulfilling experiences alone or with others.



See you next week for PART 3!