One last blog as we work toward a clean slate, healthier habits and great intentions in the new year. This is the final blog of the three part series – ideas on how to refresh your mental health in 2021:


11. Invest in Self-Care

Everyone has heard of the basics – get enough sleep, drink your water, eat well, be physically active, and take time away to engage in the things you enjoy. BUT…. do you know how important your self-care is? Self-care will look different for everybody – so hear me out! Start by slowing down and considering what makes you feel relaxed, refreshed, and at your best. That may mean a daily workout or a call to your best friend. That may mean journaling or getting a massage. Whatever it is – invest time in it!

12. Forgive

I would be lying if I said this is the easiest idea I am giving you… so I won’t lie. This is probably the hardest step you will take to refresh your mental health in 2021. It will help you feel lighter both physically and mentally. Bitterness and anger take away your energy. Move on and free up the mental baggage you didn’t know you had by taking steps to forgive a person you are holding a grudge against. Write a letter or make a phone call – choose to take an action and free up your energy.

13. Set Your Intentions

Consider setting intentions, not resolutions. Intentions allow you to focus on the journey ahead with a positive vibe to move forward. Intentions allow you to have grace and keep going throughout the year, even if there is a small set back. If you need help setting a physical “intention” or a nutritional “intention” – let me know. Also… be looking for my email the first week of 2021!

14. Create a List of Affirmations

Write yourself short and encouraging affirmations that you can keep in a location you see often. These will be something to pull out and read over when you are facing a challenge or struggling mentally. Some ideas: “I am worthy of everything good in life” or “I am grateful for what today’s lessons may be” or “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

15. Be Kind to Yourself

Above all, be kind to yourself. When you are self-compassionate, you remove judgment and criticisms that otherwise might drag you down. Ask yourself what you need and how you can improve taking care of yourself in the new year. In all conversations with yourself, keep your self-talk kind.


Blessings to you as we step into 2021!