Observe your breathing!

Find some time each day to focus your attention on your breath, the inhale and exhale. You can do this while standing, but ideally, you should be sitting in a comfortable position. Tip: For those of you with smart watches – use the breathing app!

For one minute each hour, stop everything you’re doing and focus only on your breath. Close your eyes and notice where you are holding on to stress within your body. Inhale with a count of 5, exhale with a count of 5. Repeat for one minute. Notice the expansion of your lungs and the release of tension from each breath.

You are giving your mind a chance to take a break and when you return to your work – you will be refreshed! Allowing yourself the time to be mindful of your breathing is one step in the right direction when it comes to your personal health.

Inhale CONFIDENCE, exhale DOUBT.