Do you find yourself struggling to sit comfortably at your desk all day? If you had to “score” your posture.. would you be proud of you score?

Why is this important?

Poor Posture Can Lead to:

Sore necks                                     Muscle fatigue

Headaches                                     Poor circulation

Diminished lung function               Rounded shoulders


What can you do to help yourself?

Adjust your comfortable chair to the correct height and back firmness.

Keep your head and neck aligned with your shoulders.

As you type, keep your fingers slightly curved and your wrists as relaxed as possible.

Adjust your monitor to be no further than 18-24 inches from your view.

Keep your feet flat on the ground. Try not to curl the feet under your chair.

Base your workspace on your height, not anyone else’s. If you share a work space…  be sure to adjust each time you return to your desk.


How can I help you?

If you feel like you need some assistance with this – let me know! We can discuss some stretches for you to begin correcting your posture as well as some ideas on what you can do to hold yourself accountable while at your desk!


As a bonus: Here are some other positions to consider when thinking about your posture!