Did you know it was “Healthy Vision Month”… who knew? Eye didn’t!

A healthy diet, regular eye exams, and wearing protective eye gear can keep the eyes in good working condition!



Get an annual eye exam.  See an eye doctor at least once a year to rule out any serious eye conditions. Diabetics and those with existing health conditions may need to go more often.

Eat a healthy diet! (You know I had to sneak this one in here) A diet with fresh fruits and vegetables provides essential vitamins — like A, E, and C — for optimal eye health.

Wear protective eye gear. If you are working around chemicals or in construction environments, always use protective eye gear. Sunglasses are super important too — even on a cloudy day!

Learn your family’s eye health history. Knowing your family’s eye health history can help your eye doctor keep a watchful eye on specific potential problems.

Stay on top of your health issues. Issues like high blood pressure and diabetes can cause eye complications. Regular health checkups can help catch and prevent these health issues.

Quit smoking! Smoking increases the risk for eye conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts. Create a plan to quit, ASAP. Also if you are not aware – we have resources like the cessation program to help you with this process.

Do eye exercises. Spending numerous hours at a computer all day? Take breaks to keep your eyes from getting strained and dry with eye exercises. Look at ways to reduce screen time outside of work as well.


Everyone should schedule an annual eye exam with their local eye doctor. But, you may need to go more frequently if you have chronic eye issues or health concerns like diabetes.

Always see an eye doc ASAP if you experience:

Eye Pain


Double Vision

Decreased vision

Flashes of light in your vision

Drainage or redness of the eyes

Circles (halos) around light sources