Some thoughts on how to create new habits!

Focus on the POSITIVE – Why are you wanting to create this new habit? How great will you feel when you have conquered this habit?

Be SPECIFIC – What is your big goal… now how will you get there? What can you do weekly to contribute to the bigger goal? What will you tackle this month to take one step closer to your main goal?

Find ACCOUNTABILITY – Who will you tell about your new habit? Who will join you as you begin the process of starting something new?

PREPARE for success! If your new goal has something to do with better snacking – purchase the healthier snacks or prepackage those items in your fridge for easier access. If your new habit involves waking up earlier for a workout – set out your clothes at night or set up a playlist to get you pumped in the morning.

GO for it! It is okay to not be super ready or comfortable with change or new habits. Give yourself the confidence to TRY it anyway – you deserve it!

TRACK it – Find a way to begin measuring your commitment level to this new habit. Write down each success and watch your list grow as time goes on.

Be FLEXIBLE – No one is perfect, so do not expect that from yourself. If you mess up, keep going. If you forgot to complete a task one day, pick it back up the next day. How will you adjust your day to still conquer your goal?

Keep it FRESH! If you find you are getting bored with it… up your goal or set a new one. New habits are meant to challenge you, once it is no longer a challenge, you have conquered it. How will you tackle something new?


If you are looking to create some new habits – consider using your “Monthly Intention” sheet or joining our Live Fit Challenge!