Several of you have asked me over the past few weeks how to make time in your life for personal wellness. Though I cannot tell you personally what to do with your life, I can offer some help! Below I share three simple tips that I have to offer you on making time for your personal wellness.

Prioritize it. Even when life hits you in the face, remember the positive results you have seen when you were able to be consistent with your wellness plan. When you have a workout scheduled and something pressing comes up, reschedule that workout. Try not to allow yourself to postpone the workout and never actually get back to it. Literally decide on the day/time that the workout you are missing will take place. Priority means it matters, and if it matters, it needs to get done.

Schedule It. Like mentioned above, selecting the time you plan on doing your workout tends to be more helpful in following through with the plan. Identify pockets of time that might be spent on healthy activities throughout your day. Perhaps that is right when you wake up (even if that means getting up early) or that is during your lunch break at work. Find a specific time for your personal wellness that works for you. Learn to make time for wellness rather than wait to find time for it.

Acknowledge the little things. There are seasons in life when time is available to focus more on your wellness and then there are other seasons when time is short, and maintenance becomes the goal. Understand that even the smallest of things can make a difference! Maybe it is the 10-minute walk during your break or the salad at lunch, making small healthy choices over an unhealthy choice is huge! The little things allow you to stay healthy during “that season”… and when “that season” has ended…. get back to the bigger things!

I know it isn’t easy, I truly understand that. If you find yourself staying in “that season” for too long… Reach out to me! I would love to help you get back to the bigger things and making time for your personal wellness!