There are several ways you can stay healthy during the flu season months. One of the top ways to stay well is by practicing regular healthy habits that keep your immune system strong.

“Boosting your immune system is one piece of advice I have for staying healthy during flu season,” says Dr. Michael K. Newman. “By including the proper vitamins and minerals in your diet, you may improve your body’s capacity to fight illness.”


Other essential ways to stay healthy this flu season: 

Boost your gut healthA large portion of the immune system actually is in the gut, so it makes sense that your diet impacts how you feel on a daily basis. Boosting your system must begin in your gut’s microbiome. Consider probiotics and if you are getting nutrients to help prevent the binding of bacteria to the gut lining.

Increase vitamins intakeVitamin C in particular is one that is marketed a lot during cold and flu season. Another one to look into is Zinc!

Get your flu vaccineA flu vaccine can help you from getting sick or reduce your symptoms if you do catch it.

Eat a balanced dietIf your body doesn’t have all the vitamins and minerals it needs, it can make it harder for immune cells and antibodies to keep you well. Eat as clean as you can and limit processed foods as often as possible.

Practice proper sleep hygieneNot sleeping well or enough? Your immune system will suffer if you can’t get on a good sleep routine. This can also impact your ability to recover faster in the event you do get sick.

Skip the booze and smokingBoth smoking and excessive drinking can impair the body’s ability to fight off infections.


Trista Best, a registered dietician says, “A balanced immune system is essential to how the body both prevents and recovers from the flu. When your immune system is working efficiently and effectively you are more likely to fight off illness and prevent spreading it to others.”