Did you know Financial Wellness is one pillar of overall WELLness?

I know personally when I think of wellness – I tend to think of the more commonly known pillars. In my mind these include physical, spiritual, nutritional, and mental (intellectual). However, when I focus on whole wellness… financial wellness comes into the picture.

Financial wellness is being about to meet current and future financial obligations, feeling secure financially, while also having the ability to make choices and still enjoy life.

By understanding your personal spending habits and limiting your expenses that may not be necessary, you can stay on top of your cash and build your savings over time.


Check out some easy ways you might be able to save some money:

Make a grocery list before going shopping!

Cook more meals at home!

Have a different bank account as your savings account!

Place unexpected money straight into your savings account! (Bonus, Tax return, Gift, Sold item)

Avoid impulse or trendy purchases!

Use spring cleaning as an excuse to sell unwanted household items!

Wait a few days before deciding to buy something that is over a certain dollar amount! (You decide that amount)

Identify and cancel unused memberships or entertainment subscriptions!

Shop sales and consignment stores if you “need” something!

Repurpose things and make use of what you already own!

Seek out financial coaching or accountability!


Reach out to me if you would like a Financial Wellness Tool to help you evaluate how financially “WELL” you are.