If you did not know… this Friday is Earth Day! To continue on with the concept of financial wellness, here are some tips for saving money and reducing your carbon footprint when you shop!

Buy recycled and secondhand: You might be surprised by how many products you can buy secondhand in new or like-new condition. Check thrift stores, garage sales, and online listings. I know personally some of my favorite items in my home were purchased secondhand!

Choose energy-efficient goods: While these may cost a bit more up front, you can save on electricity or fuel in the long run. Consider the next time you purchase light bulbs switching to LED bulbs or another option could be a switch to a low flow shower head.

Bring reusable bags: Keep canvas or heavy-duty plastic totes in your car so that they can be handy when you head to the store. Instead of getting plastic bags for every 2-3 items at the store, try the reusable bag!

Buy local: Buying local is not always cheaper, but it is worth looking into. Make a habit of checking your local farmer’s markets for produce that hasn’t been marked up!

Take stock of what you really need: Before you begin a shopping trip, take an inventory of what you already have. This goes for food in your pantry or refrigerator and clothes in your closet!

Take care of your things: Invest a little time and money into learning how to repair and properly care for your furniture, appliances, and clothes. Before calling for service, check out what other options there are. You may be surprised on how handy you can be just by looking up the information yourself!

Avoid retail therapy: Pay attention to your shopping habits. Do you buy things to satisfy an emotional need? Consider removing one-click purchasing or even waiting at least an hour before completing a purchase.