Did you know MAY is Mental Health month!? This month not only are we promoting mentally de-stressing activities, but we are also going to focus our blogs on Mental Health! If you missed the announcement about Mindfulness in May and the 10 activities that are around the DIG building…. reach out to me to get your map of each location!

So… let’s check in on your Mental Health! Our bodies and our minds are connected. This means our mental health and physical health impact one another. To kick off this blog series, let’s start with the first three ways we can ” check in”.

1. Check in on your relationships.

What do your relationships currently look like… Is there tension? Does there need to be some sort of resolve? Are your relationships encouraging you to enjoy life? Are you avoiding people or situations you generally would not avoid? Are you in the process of making new friends? Are you spending more time alone than you usually do? Are you giving the most important people in your life the attention that they need? When was the last time you went out with friends for an event? Are you filling others cups up? Is your cup being filled? Do you hide from co-workers or actively engage with them? Are you sharing your life with people or feeling disconnected?

2. Pay attention to your mood.

How would you grade yourself when it comes to your average daily mood? What about your average weekly mood? Do you find your mood changes drastically in certain situations or relationships? How long has your mood been impacted? Are you able to specify certain events, activities, meetings, etc that cause you to change your mood? Is your mood how you want it to be? What can you do to shift your mood when you feel the negativity coming on? Are you open to close friends pointing out to you when you have a change in your mood?

3. Think through your thought life.

Are you focused on the positive or the negative? Are you waiting for others to approve of you or finding confidence in your own thoughts? Do you have thoughts of the future or are you stuck in the today? Do your thoughts provoke happiness or anger? Do you find yourself daydreaming or focused? Have your friends tried to “pick you up” lately. When was the last time you said thank you or shared your blessings with someone? What are you thinking about now?


Check back next week for part two of the blog. If you need anything – please reach out to me.