Last week we discussed why Superfoods are an important part of your overall diet! This week I want you to look at a few Superfoods that can help you in an even more specific way! Due to the antioxidants, fiber, or fatty acids found in the specific food, all Superfoods are beneficial! However, as you read the list below, you will find that some Superfoods have an extra bonus benefit for either a male or a female.               Check out the list below!


Specifics for the women:         Specifics for the Men:

Mood Changes – Pumpkin Seeds         Prostate Health – Tomatoes

Healthy Weight – Avocados                 Cholesterol- Almonds

Prenatal – Dark Leafy Greens              Metabolism- Green Tea

Bone Health – Salmon                        Testosterone – Watermelon

Energy – Beans & Legumes                  Eye Health – Kale

Bloating – Ginger                                 Decrease Appetite – Apples

Milk Supply – Oats

Stress – Dark Chocolate