It should not come as a big surprise that this blog applies to each of us. We all sit and we all work at a desk…. but have we all considered why it is important for us to get moving more? Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to health issues like diabetes, obesity, and abnormal cholesterol levels. I would encourage you to even read what the Mayo Clinic has to say about the “sitting risks” in the link provided above.

I hope those aren’t health concerns you want to “sit on” and ignore. So, let’s do something about it now. Every single day is an opportunity for better health, more movement, and an overall better self!

4 easy ways to get moving more and sitting less:

1 – Participate in DIG Wellness activities throughout the next three months. These include STEPtember, Shout it Out Loud, and the first annual DIG Marathon. If you aren’t sure how to sign up – email me or ask someone!

2 – Ask your supervisor to hold a walking meeting with you for your next 1:1 in Lattice. This benefits both you and your supervisor! You can walk in the DWC gym (if you need it more private – I will gladly leave for the benefit of your health) or around the outside of the DIG building.

3 – Set an alarm on your computer. This could be used in many ways, but I will focus on just two. An alarm every hour to change to a standing position – stand up to work. Or an alarm ever 30 minutes to get up and stretch or do a simple exercise at your desk. Need help with setting an alarm – just ask. Need help with stretches or exercises at your desk – just ask!

4 – Utilize your standing desk for certain tasks during the day. Find a healthy habit and stick with it. If you weren’t aware, Kris stands when he is reading his emails at the end of the day. Maybe you can stand when you make a phone call or when you switch to a new task. You know your job… find a way to stand to complete a task specific to you!

Encourage your co-workers!!!! Personal accountability and friendly reminders go a long way when it comes to making life changing habits!