Today will be the start of an “Energy Booster” series that will focus on different “feelings” we may have throughout the day, week, or month. If you can relate… read on! If not, check back for the next 4 blogs within this series!

Envision the work is complete. Have you found yourself with a full “to do” list? Look at the list, close your eyes and imagine the tasks have already been completed. Sometimes this alone will give you that spike of energy you need to get rolling.

Focus on one task at a time. If you’re feeling particularly lazy or unmotivated, start small. Once you successfully complete your first task, it usually gives you the motivation to continue with a refreshed attitude.

Try out “The 5 Second Rule”. This is a rule anyone can apply at any given time — like not wanting to start a workout. Give yourself 5 seconds to “deal with it” and then get going. Count backwards from 5. Once you hit one, physically move your body and decide to start your workout.

Find balance. Are you being “lazy” compared to the week prior? Mentally, you may be done. Make sure you’re not neglecting other areas of your life that matter, too. Balance is key.

Don’t choose the “easy way”. If you find yourself avoiding tasks you don’t want to do, ask yourself why. Then, find a way to make it hard to avoid doing what you ultimately need to do anyway.

Ask for accountability. Need to get certain things done, tell someone about it. Allow them the permission to ask you about it until it has been completed.

Just do it. Sometimes, you just have to “do it”. Whether it’s getting out of bed or creating a to-do list for the day, taking action gives you power over the moment of laziness you’re experiencing.

Connect socially. When you’re feeling unmotivated, check-in with your tribe, not just on social media. Whether you hug a friend, high-five a coworker, or just hang around other personalities you enjoy, you’ll get a boost of oxytocin. Social media tends to create lazy friendships. Connect in person, and you’ll remember how energizing friendships can be.

Be kind to yourself. If you’ve been on a lazy streak, it can be easy to beat yourself up over it. Sometimes berating yourself will work as motivation to get moving, but mostly your self-esteem takes a beating. Cut yourself some slack but set a deadline of what action you’ll take to get rolling on your goals, desires, and commitments.