Today we will continue our “Energy Booster” series focusing on different “feelings” we may have throughout the day, week, or month. If you can relate… keep reading below! If not, check back for the next 2 blogs within this series of five!

Try Meditation. Meditation is all about setting a healthier perspective and training yourself in awareness. To start off, sit in a quiet place without distractions and close your eyes. Focus on your breath. Whether you do it for 1 minute or 1 hour, put in the time to calm your brain and refocus.

Number your to-do list. If you feel your attention being pulled multiple ways, you may find yourself easily distracted. Write your to-do list, then number the top three tasks you must get done before the end of the day, then start to work on those. You’ll naturally feel more focused as a result.

Declutter. Clutter makes almost everyone feel overwhelmed. Take five minutes to declutter your desk or the room you’re in. Within minutes, you’ll feel energized to tackle your next room.

Go for a short walk. If you can’t seem to find a solution to a problem, take a short walk. Whether it’s around the office or over to the nearest Subway, a walk will help clear your mind, and possibly your mood.

Vocalize it. When you’re distracted, it’s easy to forget to do simple tasks like turning off the kitchen light before you leave home. As you complete a task (like turning off lights) verbally express, “I’m turning off the lights.”

Breathe deeply. Pause and take a second to escape your work. Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose. Silently count to five, and feel your belly expand as you do. Slowly blow the air out through your nose. Repeat until you feel more focused.

Eliminate your distractions. What seems to be pulling all your energy? If you’re checking your social media or email too much, consider cutting back. Restrict yourself, set a timer, or create a schedule for these types of distractions.

Challenge yourself. Whether it’s cooking with a new recipe, reading a physical book, working out or doing a Sudoku puzzle… complete a task that forces concentration in a new way.

Take an active break. Try some desk exercises to get your blood flowing. Who says you can’t march in place and multi-task at the same time? Try out the “12 days of FITmas” with your department!