I am glad to see you have come back for a few more tips! Adding to your collection of healthy daily habits to spur on weight loss can get easier as you go along. However, if you missed last week, the three basic tips covered to help you on your personal journey with weight loss is where I would suggest you start.

Today I will finish with three more tips to help with weight loss:

Focus on your sleep – Push for 6-8 hours of sleep at night! If this is an area you are struggling with… start small by going to bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally do. Lack of sleep is associated with increased calorie intake, poor food choices, and a slowed metabolism. So, if you like my kind of math… A=B=C=Weight Gain

Focus on the specific foods you eat – Try to make veggies the majority of your plate. Start with some greens and add in more colors of veggies before focusing on another food group to add to your meal. If you need to snack, focus on getting a high protein snack in. If you find yourself feeling hungry in the day – add more fats to your meals to help keep you feeling full between meals. And lastly… consider meal prepping! Winston Churchill said: “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” If your plan is to lose weight – look for the easy opportunity to say “yes” to the meal you prepared instead of feeling like you are always having to say “no” to foods that are not helping you in the process.

Random healthier habits – Drink a cup of water before you eat a meal. When it is time to eat – sit down to eat and remove the distractions of TV or phones. When plating your meal – portion out the right amount of food and put up the rest of the food. Ask someone for accountability. Consider a short term fast or cleanse if it is needed.