Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Most of us, if not all of us, have heard about it, but do we understand how we can help prevent experiencing this type of injury? This week, we will look at a few basic tips you can personally use to help reduce any sort of risk you may face in this realm. ***Refer to the educational resources that have been handed out in office for the correct and incorrect positioning. If you are remote and not signed up for the injury prevention challenge – email me and I will send you the resources.

Tips to help prevent carpel tunnel:

Make sure you are using the correct chair height for optimal arm and wrist positioning. Keep your wrists as straight as possible (or only slightly bent) while you work.***

Utilize sitting and standing while working to allow your wrists and hands two differing positions throughout the day.

Loosen your grip when writing and typing. A person should not complete work with full force or a tight grip when working.

Take frequent breaks – whether it is for stretching or just resting the wrists. Utilize the simple gentle stretches that have been provided as often as possible. ***