Did you know the DIG Wellness Center offers multiple Yoga classes?

Have you considered using your lunch break to participate in a Yoga class? You could work toward increasing your muscle strength, flexibility and your overall energy!

Feeling trapped to the chair during work? Take a break and stretch out those essential muscles!

Meet our Yoga Instructor Emily:

Emily has been part of the FD Marketing team over 4 years. Because she has never particularly enjoyed high-intensity exercise, she started attending Yoga classes and fell in love with the demanding stretches and calming atmosphere. She loves teaching Yoga because of the benefits and accessibility – you don’t need to have any flexibility or strength to participate in a Yoga class! Individuals at any fitness level can benefit physically and mentally from incorporating Yoga into their fitness routine.

Emily’s Yoga classes are held Monday at 12:00 and Friday at 12:30! Join her sometime!