We now have a recumbent bike located in the DIG Wellness Center!

Why use the recumbent?

Safe and effective exercise – Recumbent bikes are very low impact machines. While the exercise can vary in intensity, the safety level of this bike is very high for your joints and muscles.

Less impact on joints compared to other cardio machines – With a recumbent bike, the reclined chair supports most of the user’s body weight. This helps to stress the use of the leg muscles with very little weight or additional pressure placed on the joints.

Useful for rehabilitation – Recovering from an injury? The recumbent bike is the recommended piece of equipment for most knee and hip injuries due to the positive rehab results it provides. The recumbent is designed to adjust from 15 degrees of motion to full range depending on the user’s preference.

Great start up machine for beginning cardio workouts – Whether it is your first time to use a cardio based machine or there has been a gap in your cardio conditioning, the recumbent bike effectively and slowly conditions your heart for rigorous activity.

Indoor exercise for year-round use – Whether it is hot or cold outside, the recumbent bike doesn’t require extra clothing or a helmet!

Various workout options – Pedal at different speeds, pedal backwards, use the various resistances or programmed rides. You never have to do the same exercise if you don’t want to! Switch it up each ride and challenge yourself each time you get on.

Strengthen your muscles (heart, quads, hamstrings, calves, and your gluteus maximum) – The recumbent bike not only conditions the heart but can also help improve most leg muscles! These are the muscles that support and carry all of our body weight, so they need all the strength we can give them in order to prevent future injuries!


***Come visit and go for a ride today!