Are you participating in our WITHOUT A GYM CHALLENGE?

If you are – AWESOME!

If you are not, I will catch you up on today’s challenge!


On the 17th day without a gym, my trainer challenged me:

one minute jogging (literally around your house or just simply in place)

two minute arm circles (big or small, forward or backward, fast or slow)

three squat jumps (squat down to a “chair sit” then jump up)

four side leg lifts on each side (lift your leg out to the side, hold for 2 secs then lower your leg)

five forward lunges on each leg (step forward, lower back knee to the ground, stand up)

six side lunges on each leg (step to the side, lower body to the ground, keep weight on the heel of the chosen side)

seven pushups (using the wall, a table, or going down to the ground)

eight jumping jacks

nine balance back kicks on each leg (balance on one leg, hold the other at 90 degrees and kick back)

ten tricep dips (using a table/chair/bench, reach your arms behind you then dip your body down until your arms are at 90 degrees, come back up)

eleven forward leg swings on each side (hold on to a chair beside you, swing your leg as high as you can forward and backward)

twelve sideways leg swings on each side (hold on to a chair in front of you, swing your leg as high as you can left and right)

squat hold with thirteen punches on each arm (sit down into a squat, hold the position, punch while alternating each arm with a punch)

fourteen chest flys (lean forward slightly, hands together in front of your chest, tighten arm muscles, then open your chest like you are flying)

fifteen upright rows (fists together by your waist, tighten arm muscles, lift your fists up until your elbows are up to a “T” position)

sixteen tricep kickbacks (lean forward slightly, keep your elbow at your ribcage, tighten arm muscles, and “kickback” your wrist to the sky)

seventeen calf raises on each side (from flat footed to the tip of your toes, hold, and then back to flat footed)


Each day I have been sending out a challenge… to be sung to the song “The 12 Days of Christmas”.

Each day of exercise then adds to the exercise from the days prior.