This week we are featuring another employee – Allison Condry! Read through what she had to say about her current wellness journey in our question and answer session.

What is your motivation in your wellness journey?

My overall health (mentally and physically) is most important…. but I also love taking photos with friends and don’t want to be embarrassed when I see them later.

What is your weekly exercise routine?

Pre pandemic… four to five times a week I was working out in our fitness classes and adding the occasional run. Once the gym closed in March, I started running every other day and doing what I could with weights at home. I was happy when the DWC gym opened back up so I could add Body Pump and Stretch back to my routine. On top of that, I am still running 4-6 miles every other day since I got into that habit!

What has been the best part of this journey so far?

I have seen an improvement in my speed in running! I’m still slow but seeing progress has been awesome.

What do you find is a daily struggle?

Eating well! And working out at home alone.

What is your favorite part about exercise?

Knowing that I am doing good for my body so that I can have the energy and mobility to do the things I love.

Where are you currently seeing success?

I haven’t noticed much of a change personally with the way my clothes fit, but people have asked if I have lost weight, so that is an encouraging success!

What are you the most proud of?

Currently, my perseverance to keep running in the Texas heat!

If someone wanted to start their own journey – how would you encourage them?

It’s easy to make excuses to not workout or to get takeout instead of cooking a healthy meal, but it is important to make the time to fuel and take care of your body. That doesn’t mean you have to get extreme but making small steady changes over time can make an impact. Don’t forget that goes both ways though! Pay attention to any habits or changes that you make so you aren’t slowly adding small unhealthy changes either!

Allison didn’t allow these “times” to let herself slack off on her fitness goals.. instead she figured out a way to keep moving and motivated herself to do so. She began running more and started seeing results! What is something you currently do on occasion but think you may enjoy doing more of? Is that running, walking or riding your bike? Activity does not have to involve a physical gym… find something you like, and you may also find the thing you love!

My encouragement to you this week is to challenge yourself… what is something active you can do today? Do you have 15 minutes to go on a walk or bike ride? You can start small and build up to something greater!

Email me with your questions or thoughts on how you can get active!