If you missed the first blog of the series that covered information about Servings, Serving Size and Calories – check it out here.

And then if you missed the blog last week… check it out here to cover information about Total Fat and Saturated Fat.


Today we will cover Trans Fat and Cholesterol!

Trans Fat: Very similar to saturated fat in that it is referred to as a “bad fat” because it can raise your cholesterol and increase the risk for developing heart disease. Trans fats are found in animal products like cheese, whole milk, ice cream, and meats. In addition, trans fat is found in many vegetable oils, margarine, and shortening.  Be aware of trans fat in common foods like cookies, crackers, fried foods, snack foods, and processed foods. LESS is BEST!

Cholesterol: Did you know that most of the cholesterol a person needs is manufactured by the liver?  Food sources like meat, poultry, eggs, and whole-milk dairy products can also contribute to a person’s cholesterol level. This matters because of the additional cholesterol a person chooses to add to their diet when eating processed food. Too much cholesterol leads to a greater risk for health issues that can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Be aware of the cholesterol measurement on your food labels!