Are you an ACTIVE couch potato!?

An individual who meets the recommended exercise requirements but remains sedentary the rest of the day.

Example: Each day the person exercises 30-45 minutes in the gym, but during the normal work hours the same person sits all day.


I must confess… there are days I move less than other days. While some days I may get a good amount of exercise in during the lunch hour, I also sit for hours on end working through the rest of the business day. So if you fall into the domain of active couch potato… know that you are not alone.

Let’s take a few steps forward to move out of only being active with exercise once a day and be additionally active during the work day! This helps our metabolism to continually burn calories and lower our risk of disease.


5 strategies to add to your day:

Stand more at your desk. We have these awesome standing/sitting desks – lift the desk up and stand! Challenge yourself to at least a total of one hour of standing per day.

Set a timer for 90 minutes – get up and move for at least 5 minutes. Find a route outside or throughout the building. Challenge yourself to walking away from your desk space at least three times a day.

Take regular stretch breaks. Stretch your upper and your lower body to help your blood flow. Working through a series of stretches may help you find “that answer” you were looking for!

Hold walking meetings with co-workers. Go walk around the courtyard or around the building while you meet with your team. Challenge your team to at least getting outside once a week for fresh air and movement.

Rely less on email – communicate face to face – Go visit the person to discuss the email. If you cannot answer the email with one response, go talk in person and solve the issue together!