Did you know the first Wednesday in April each year is National Walking Day? If you didn’t know that – now you do! πŸ˜‰ And to top that off… that is today!


Here’s a look at some of the benefits of walking:

Circulation of the bloodWalking daily is an excellent way to improve poor circulation. No matter at what pace you walk, you’re going to increase blood flow, which also helps to lower blood pressure.

Immunity BoosterAlways battling the sniffles during certain seasons? Walking for at least 20 minutes daily β€” five times a week β€” may help you have fewer sick days! Studies have been conducted to prove that an individual that engaged in walking consistently was sick for a shorter amount of time than one who did not engage in walking regularly.

Can help with sweets cravingsCraving something sweet? Take a walk instead. Stress eating – take a walk! Consider the amount of times your brain thinks about food. Now think about the amount of exercise you would get if you took a walk instead!

Easier on the jointsIf your joints are fragile, you might consider walking as an alternative exercise to a higher-intensity fitness experience. Walking provides cardiovascular benefits but is less jarring and helps to lubricate the joints.

Helps with weight maintenanceWalking briskly for an hour a day can help reduce the effects your genes play on your weight… in half! That is 50%! You can make that change with just an hour walk a day!

Increase creative thoughtsAllow the great outdoors and a nice long walk to help you get the creativity flowing on your next task or project.


Who will you go on a walk with today?

Use your breaks πŸ™‚ Get to know a new co-worker! Take a mental break from work. Just go walk!